ATTENTION DRIVERS! You must stop for school buses with flashing red lights.

Posted by Anthony Dimond on August 25, 2016


School is starting in the next several weeks and the Department of Transportation (DOT) is sharing information about new 8-Light Warning Systems on School Buses.  According to the DOT, A vehicle approaching a school bus with an 8-light warning system must do the following:
AMBER WARNING LIGHTS – This is a cautionary message that the bus is coming to a stop and will soon be activating its RED warning lights. Traffic is allowed to bypass the school bus with care.
RED WARNING LIGHTS – Stop at least 20 feet from the bus and remain stopped until the bus resumes motion or the driver extinguishes the flashing red warning lights. Failure to do so will result in a minimum fine of $326.50 and four points.
This law does not apply to vehicles driving in the opposite direction on a divided highway but does apply if no barrier is present on multi-lane street or highway.
A vehicle that approaches a stopped school bus that is displaying flashing red warning lights must stop, regardless if the stop arm is out or not (Ss.346.48(1)). 

Last modified on August 26, 2016

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