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Posted by Anthony Dimond on July 28, 2015

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Fellow Union Brothers and Sisters,

To begin, I am pleased to announce that the WISLB has started a Facebook page. The purpose and intent of this page is to keep the membership up to date in the activities of the Board and also as a tool to pass information as quickly and effectively as possible. As a reminder, the duties of the Board are primarily Safety and Legislative issues and actions. Any contractual questions or issues should be referred to your respective General Committee representative. Further, we all have different views on what’s going on in the world, the intent of the page should remain on the issues on hand and not as a personal forum.

We as labor members in Wisconsin are in a very unique situation. Our Governor has entered the 2016 Presidential Race, and our concerns should be the action his administration has taken over his time in office and how that will relate to us on a national level. For example, “Right to work” has been implemented without hesitation or regard to the working class people of Wisconsin (notably after he stated “right to work” was not on his agenda). We must consider the impact of a national “right to work” law on us a railroaders. If such a law was passed the very core of how the BLET operates would be affected. One must remember that although the title sounds very catchy, the legislation itself has nothing to do with giving the worker any rights. It is meant simply to put labor organizations in a precarious financial situation, thereby limiting their ability to properly represent the membership. Essentially giving the railroad and or corporation total control in how it treats its employees. Working in this industry we all understand what the implications of that would be.

I would like to challenge all members to participate in the Political Action Committee (PAC) program with at least a $5 a month contribution. This money is specifically used to help ANY politician who helps us with the issues we are working on. As far as numbers go, on a national level we are being far outspent by the railroads in the political world.  According to last year’s numbers, the BLET national total for PAC was approximately $512,000, however, the railroads spent over 6.4 million in PAC and over 34 million in lobbying politicians. This doesn’t even include donations made from corporate treasury funds that is not accountable. For far less than a cup of coffee a day, your contribution to the PAC can have a positive influence in your career. Please contact your Division LR for an application and contribute to our cause.
Chuck M. Schulz
Wisconsin State Legislative Board – Chairman
Teamsters – Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers & Trainmen
2768 Oakwood Circle
Oshkosh, WI 54904
Cell /Office (920) 410-2953

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