Right-Wing Wisconsin Supreme Court Ends Scott Walker Campaign Criminal Probe

Posted by Anthony Dimond on July 28, 2015

By Doug Cunningham
A criminal probe into Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker’s 2012 recall campaign’s coordination with right-wing groups was stopped
Thursday by the conservative-dominated Wisconsin Supreme Court. A group of prosecutors, including Republican prosecutors, had
been investigating possible illegal coordination between Scott Walker’s campaign and the conservative organizations. An aggressive
legal attack from those groups sought to stop the criminal probe and Wisconsin’s high court stopped the criminal probe for them.
Some of the Wisconsin Supreme Court justices refused to recuse themselves from this case, even though they received millions
of dollars in campaign funds from these right-wing groups. The Wisconsin Supreme Court ordered the criminal probe against
Walker stopped and all evidence gathered in the investigation permanently destroyed. Francis Schmitz, the lead prosecutor in
the investigation against Walker’s campaign, says one or more of the justices should not have heard this case because the right
-wing groups being investigated had spent millions of dollars helping elect those supreme court justices.


Last modified on July 28, 2015

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