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Posted by admin on February 2, 2010

Division LR Brothers,

One of the primary roles of this office is communication of current legislative issues to the Division LR’s. The Division LR’s are then charged with the responsibility of disseminating the information this office provides to the general membership within each of their divisions.

In the past, I have tried to send out mass e-mails to the LR’s and general members where e-mail addresses were available for those members. Because of limitations regarding availability of e-mail addresses, the new website is a far more reliable way to provide readiliy accessible updates to the entire membership. Additionally, many blast-style e-mails are captured in spam filters and junk folders and are therefore never seen by the recipients.

From now on the Division LR report of ”I have not heard any new or updated information from Chairman Dimond’s office” will no longer be acceptable at a Division meeting. The BLET WSLB web site of has been a long time coming and has had many challenges, but is now up and running. It is each LR’s responsibility to check it often for the updates that are posted there regularly, and to take this information on to the general members at the Division meetings.

Any helpful suggestions on needed information or design of the website are always appreciated.

I expect every Division LR to contribute some site specific information from time to time that can be included on our web site. Your active participation in collecting and passing along information relevant to your Division will help to make maximize the website’s usefulness to all members.

Your role as the Division LR will be addressed at the next WSLB Convention, which is the first week of April 2011 (Attendance is required).

As always, I appreciate your input, concerns, suggestions, and constructive comments on how to make communication flow more freely and efficiently to our members. Call any time at 608-415-6020 or 608-448-8175 to share your ideas.

Fraternally yours,

Brother Dimond

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