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PAUL AIRD, 1st Vice Chairman/Director of Political Communications

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BLET Brothers and Sisters,


Tonight we stand on the eve of what is one of the greatest days on the calendar for us as citizens of this nation. When the polls open, Americans from all over this great nation will take to the ballot box to elect many of the Representatives that will be guiding this country. Having spent the last few weeks talking personally to many of the members here in Wisconsin I am proud of how engaged the BLET members are in this most important process.


As you all know we as railroaders have many things at stake in the results of this election. Many of the rights we have, specifically our own railroad retirement, have been under nothing more than and all out assault in an attempt to take from us what we and former railroaders have worked so hard to attain.


I know that many of you have already voted either by early voting or absentee. For those who have not yet voted I ask that you consider the stance of candidates in respect to our rights. The choice, especially at the Presidential level, is striking clear. President Obama has pledged to defend not only our labor rights but also our retirement plan. The same cannot be said for his opponent, who clearly seeks to undermine the work our Union has done since it’s inception almost 150 years ago.


In short time this election will be in the past and hopefully our country will continue it’s move forward. But please remember this, our duty as citizens does not end at the ballot box it BEGINS there. Whoever wins, at any election level, is accountable to us. It is our job to hold them to representing our interests.


Thank you to all for exercising your precious right to vote.


Paul Aird

1st Vice-Chairman

State Legislative Representative








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