Walker takes campaign out of state; still dogged by protesters

Posted by admin on April 22, 2012

Gov. Scott Walker is taking his case to stay in office on the road, with an  appearance before the Illinois Chamber of Commerce Tuesday before heading off to  a GOP event in Troy, Mich.

And, of course, protesters will be with him every step of the way.

About two thousand union members “with a 20-foot inflatable rat and a taller  cutout of Walker with the words ‘Don’t Badger Us’ on it protested outside,” an  Associated Press story  on the Springfield, Ill., Journal-Register website says. “Inside, the crowd  greeted Walker with extended standing ovations.”

It’s the kind of reception Walker has consistently received, both in-state  and out, since successfully stripping Wisconsin public employees of most of  their collective bargaining rights last year. Last week, hundreds of anti-Walker  activists converged outside a fundraiser in Oklahoma  City.

Walker spoke Tuesday at the Abraham Lincoln Hotel and Conference Center in  Springfield, prompting one pro-labor columnist to pen a  “What-would-Lincoln-say?” column.

Undaunted, Walker compared himself to Lincoln,  whom he called another politician who had “the courage to move the state  forward.”

Walker, who is facing a recall election on June 5, called the appearance a  campaign stop, telling reporters that if he got the boot, Wisconsin could face  the same multibillion-dollar  deficits as the Land of Lincoln.

That didn’t sit well with Democratic Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn, who issued a  two-page critique  of the Wisconsin governor.

He also caught flak from the Springfield paper’s editorial board.

“It is beyond baffling to us how a group like the Illinois Chamber — whose  mission is to promote business in Illinois — believes its members will benefit  by high-fiving the guy famous for starting a war against organized labor in his  state,” says an editorial  in the paper. (Here’s a link to a Journal-Register  video of the anti-Walker rally Tuesday.)

From Springfield, Walker heads to a fundraising event in Michigan, where United  Auto Workers officials are calling on members to show up in force.

Also last week, Walker appeared at the National Rifle Association  national convention in St. Louis, where he asked  for help in his recall election.

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