The Fight Will Go On

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What really is the result of what has happened here in Wisconsin? From the cold snowy days of February to the hot Midwest summer an ideological struggle has taken place not only in Wisconsin, but across this nation. The results of the historic recall elections here may not have produced the desired results, but what I have seen in the last few months has shown me that winning GOP seats in the senate may not have been the victory we as labor members were ultimately looking for.


The first victory achieved here was that the recall election even happened! The middle class as we know it is by all standards been under direct assault by extreme ideology. This is a known fact.  The fact that the people of Wisconsin banded together to force this election may be the key to winning the battles in the future. The second victory has been won in the 18th and 32nd Senate districts where Democratic challengers won seats in what are traditionally considered Republican strongholds. This, to me, shows that the “middle class message” is being heard and the people are becoming more involved in standing up for their rights.


 I still find it amazing the emotions of the protests held in our capitol…who would have thought that unions, with their wide range of opinions could stand together shoulder to shoulder with not only each other but also with people of all walks of life from all around the state. In the statement of the protests and the recall efforts we find the lesson that we all need to move forward.


President Lincoln stated 150 years ago that a nation divided against itself cannot stand. In the same fashion, we too must work to stop those who would divide us against ourselves. The armies of the Civil War reconciled their differences with cannon and bullets. We must arm ourselves with education and a fiery passion to ensure the future generation with the same rights and privileges our forefathers gave to us.


This cannot be done by a small band of officers or leaders in our or some other union, but the battle must be fought by every member every day, the survival of our way of life depends on it. Together this battle can be won!


In SOLIDARITY!                   





Paul Aird

WISLB 1st Vice-Chairman

State Legislative Representative

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