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Posted by admin on March 4, 2011

Having returned once again from spending a few days in Madison, I find I am struggling with many thoughts running through my head. From a relatively small band of rally goers a few weeks ago, to the tens of thousands of not only union members, but also people from many other occupations and walks of life, a sense of resolve has developed that has not been seen for decades in this state.

 Who would have thought that the introduction of legislation, meant ultimately as an attack on the middle class of this country (yes the whole nation) would unite middle class workers in ways not seen by my generation. I am amazed still, thinking of the continuous deliveries of donated pizzas, each box marked with a city, state, or even country from which the donation had come, being handed out to those who are standing for their rights. Cooking donated brats for hours on end, shoulder to shoulder, with men and women from all walks of life. Words of “thanks for being there” from those who have no stake in collective bargaining, when it is I who should being thanking them for standing up for this precious right….. The list can go on and on… Calls and emails of support for Wisconsin workers pouring in from our Brother and Sisters in our organization, Legislators amid the crowd thanking us all for being there, and who can forget the 14 State Senators who by choosing to leave this state have done more to represent the people than staying here ever could.

 But as usual there is another side to this scenario. I have seen things I have never thought I would ever witness in our country. From elected official blatantly lying about “riotous” protests, office doors closed to constituents, chosen representatives who would call those who speak their voice “slobs”, and who would have imagined the locking of the doors to the capitol that should be open to all…

 WHAT IS GOING ON HERE? I can only believe that at last the middle class has decided enough is enough. Gone are the days that government in Wisconsin, and across this nation, will only be thought of on Election Day. The times we are living in will, I believe, one day be recorded as the days when the American PEOPLE decided to take back their country.

The sleeping giant of the middle class is finally coming awake…..

 In Solidarity,

  Paul Aird

  1st Vice-Chairman


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