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Posted by admin on March 2, 2011


SOLIDARITY— Unity that produces or is based on community of interests, objectives and standards……

 As leaders and members of labor in this country we often use the word solidarity, but what does this mean in the scope of labor in this country? For the past week Labor in Wisconsin has been glaring proof that solidarity is most certainly not dead in our working class. 

For decades now we have seen what can happen when we forget that we are all bound to work together for the common good of all…. We all understand that the quote “divide and conquer” has been used time and time again to separate and weaken us as labor organizations, but I am beginning to feel more and more as I spend time rallying with our fellow union brothers and sisters here in Madison that the quote from this time forward we should use is “Tyranny breeds SOLIDARITY”. It would seem to some that the fight for workers rights that is happening here in Wisconsin and across our great nation was lost by the labor movements at the ballot box last November, but I beg to differ…. The time is now, more than ever, to become active in having a say not only in our issues, but also the issues of the labor movement as a whole. 

We cannot stand idly by, or assume that the officers and leaders of our union will do this work for us. The time is now for all members to become active to protect the rights of workers in this country. The basis of the rallies in Madison has shifted from wages and benefits to combating the direct assaults by a republican administration on the basic collective bargaining rights of labor. This fight has been a long time in coming, and it is not slowing down. As of this morning there were rallies planned in 39 states, and support has been shown in Madison not only from union members in this country, but also from points all across the world. Maybe we should thank Gov. Walker for providing the spark that has lit the fire of solidarity that we need to restore the greatness for which our middle class has long worked.


Paul Aird

1st Vice Chairman


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