DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION, Surface Transportation Board Waiver from compliance with FRA Regulations


Surface Transportation Board 

[Docket No. AB 290 (Sub-No. 318X); AB 1059X] 

Norfolk Southern Railway Company—Abandonment Exemption—in Crawford County, GA; Georgia Midland Railroad, Inc. 

Exemption—in Crawford County, GA1—Discontinuance of Service Norfolk Southern Railway Company (NSR) and Georgia Midland Railroad, Inc. (GMR) (collectively, applicants) have jointly filed a verified notice of exemption under 49 CFR part 1152 subpart F— Discontinuances of Service and Trackage Rights and for GMR to discontinue service over, a 5.06-mile portion of rail line (the Perry line), between milepost FV 90.44 and milepost FV 95.50, in Roberta, Crawford County, Ga. traverses United States Postal Service Zip Code 31078.Exempt Abandonments andfor NSR to abandon,2 The line 

Applicants have certified that: (1) No local traffic has moved over the line for at least 2 years; (2) any overhead traffic can be rerouted over other lines; (3) no formal complaint filed by a user of rail service on the line (or by a state or local government entity acting on behalf of such user) regarding cessation of service over the line either is pending with the Surface Transportation Board (Board) or with any U.S. District Court or has been decided in favor of complainant within the 2-year period; and (4) the requirements at 49 CFR 1105.7(c) (environmental report), 49 CFR 1105.11 (transmittal letter), 49 CFR 1105.12 (newspaper publication), and 49 CFR 1152.50(d)(1) (notice to governmental agencies) have been met.