DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION, Federal Railroad Administration Petition for Waiver of Compliance


Federal Railroad Administration 

Petition for Waiver of Compliance 

In accordance with Part 211 of Title 49 Code of Federal Regulations (CFR), notice is hereby given that the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) has received a request for a waiver of compliance from certain requirements of its safety standards. The individual petition is described below, including the party seeking relief, the regulatory provisions involved, the nature of the relief being requested, and the petitioner’s arguments in favor of relief. Union Pacific Railroad Company [Waiver Petition Docket Number FRA–2004–17565] 

The Union Pacific Railroad Company (UPRR) seeks an amendment to an existing waiver of compliance from certain provisions of Title 49 CFR parts 231 and 232, concerning the operation of RoadRailer  and RailRunner equipment on their railroad. Subject to certain conditions, the existing waiver in this docket authorizes UPRR to operate RoadRailer equipmen on their railroad. UPRR now seeks relief from certain provisions of the Railroad Safety Appliance Standards in Title 49 CFR part 231, that stipulate the number, location, and dimensions for handholds, ladders, sill steps, uncoupling levers, and handbrakes to operate RailRunner equipment commingled with RoadRailer equipment. UPRR also seeks relief from Title 49 CFR 231.31, which sets the standard height for drawbars. UPRR states that this relief is necessary to allow them to operate and commingle the RoadRailer  and RailRunner equipment on dedicated trains operating from Chicago, Illinois, to Minneapolis, Minnesota.